Muerte face painting

The most unusual festivals
from around the world:
10 events to be surprised

Glastonbury Festival’s great, but can it really compare to cheese chasing, baby jumping or bun climbing? We’ve put together a list of the most unusual festivals from around the world.


12 facts to know before visiting
the World's Biggest Party
in Rio de Janeiro

The Carnival of today, an exceptional display of Brazilian spirit and culture, contains influences from past ceremonies and rituals conducted by the African, European and indigenous natives of Brazil.

holi color festival

Tourist guide: 5 advices for the great
Chinese New Year celebration

Painting the town red takes on a whole new meaning during the Lunar New Year. The color of joy and luck, red will be everywhere once the festivities get going. Celebrations kick off on February 5th and last up to 2 weeks in some areas. If you’re lucky enough to be in China during this incredible time, here are our tips for the best experiences and sights. Whether on the mainland or in Hong Kong, there really is something for everyone.