The most unusual festivals
from around the world:
10 events to be surprised

Glastonbury Festival’s great, but can it really compare to cheese chasing, baby jumping or bun climbing? We’ve put together a list of the most unusual festivals from around the world.

Busó Festival – Mohács, Hungary | March

This festival dates back to the 18th century and involves men dressing up as horned devils, or “Busós”, and attempting to chase away the winter. It’s a terrifying sight, but all for a good cause: summer!

Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race – Brawby, UK | June

For those of you not from the UK, a Yorkshire pudding is a savoury accompaniment to a traditional Sunday Roast, made from eggs, flour and milk. But the puddings featured at this festival aren’t made for eating, they’re made for racing across Bob Pond’s in the village of Brawby. To reduce sogginess, the giant Yorkshire puds are first coated in yacht varnish.

Air Guitar World Championships – Finland | August

Pure unadulterated rock and roll, without the instruments. The event happens in Finland and promotes world peace, as organisers themselves say: “According to the ideology of the Air Guitar, wars would end, climate change stop and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar.”

La Pourcailhade (Festival of the Pig) – Trie-sur-Baïse, France | August

Enjoy sausage eating, piglet racing and a pig imitation contest all in one place. What’s the French for “oink oink”?

La Tomatina – Spain | August

One of the more famous festivals on this list, La Tomatina is a messy mass tomato fight in the streets of Bunol. This one’s not free, but it’s definitely worth a look if you’re in the area this summer and LOVE of tomatoes.

Krampusnacht – Germany | December

Krampusnacht happens the night before December 6th each year, and features Krampus, a sort of anti-Santa. Every year St. Nicholas gives gifts to well-behaved children, while naughty kids get a lump of coal from Krampus.

Lopburi Monkey Banquet – Thailand | November

Three thousand monkeys feasting on fruits and vegetables, ice cream and other foods – you have our attention! Why not swing by and experience the monkey madness and maybe make a few new furry friends.

The Battle of Oranges – Ivrea, Italy | February

Every year, the people of Ivrea split into teams and recreate the 1194 revolt against the king, but with a fruity twist – instead of weapons, they use oranges! Prepare yourself for Italy’s biggest food fight.

World Bog Snorkelling Championships – Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales | August

Armed with snorkels and fins, people from all over the world come to see how fast they can complete a 120-yard course through a peat bog. To say this event is Intense would be quite an understatement.

Underwater Music Festival – Florida, USA | July

Divers, snorkelers and musicians dressed in whimsical nautical costumes come together every year in Florida for the Underwater Music Festival. Participants mime along to music using specially sculpted underwater musical instruments.